If I were to make a Christian hip-hop/electronica album…

10 songs in 2 days on the Goodson Chapel piano


12/22/2012: Word, Life, Light: The Eternal View of Christmas

12/15/2012: “His mercy is for those who fear Him”

12/8/2012: Peace on Earth: How?

10/27/2012: From Pleasantville to the Kingdom

10/13/2012: How Children Save Us

9/24/2012: Truth, Wisdom, & Knowledge in Samaria

7/15/2012: Tear Down This Wall

7/1/2012: Song of God’s Power

6/16/2012: Swallowed up by life

11/5/2011: The risk of dreaming with God

10/22/2011: The God who throws seeds everywhere

10/15/2011: Occupy the kingdom of God

10/8/2011: How worship makes us welcome others

10/1/2011: Only beggars get in

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