What is the burden of proof in the #Methodist #homosexuality debate?

Gay-Symbol-WallpaperIn the American justice system, all defendants are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable shadow of doubt. Defense attorneys do not have to prove their client’s innocence; they just have to find enough holes in the prosecution’s argument to establish that they have not been proven guilty. But in the debate over Biblical interpretation on homosexuality, the burden of proof falls entirely on the defendants to prove their innocence. What if my fellow Methodists who are anti-gay had to provide not only isolated proof-texts and speculative translations of obscure Greek words but a coherent Biblical ethical explanation of why chaste monogamous homosexual partnerships are “incompatible with Christian teaching”? I think that would be a much more just and legitimate burden of proof. Continue reading

Seeking Rest in a Weary Messiah

Sermon preached 9/10/2011 at Burke UMC Lifesign Service
Text: Matthew 11:28-30 (as well as selections throughout Matthew 11)

What makes you weary? I get weary every time I look at the kitchen sink. In the division of labor in our household chores, the sink is mine. But I’m so weary when I look at it that I just put another plate inside. And then the plates start to come out of the sink onto the counter, and that makes me wearier. It usually has to get really bad before my frustration overcomes my weariness and I actually do something about it. Continue reading