Waiting on God’s revolution (2 Peter 3)

Sermon preached at Lifesign, Burke UMC 12/3/2011
Text: 2 Peter 3:8-15

Have you ever wanted to hit the reset button on life? I remember the original Nintendo had two buttons: power on the left and reset on the right. And whenever my friends would talk too much smack about beating me at a game, I could always hit the reset button so that the score would disappear and we would start over from scratch. I’ve had a similar feeling in adult life whenever my wife and I clean house together and the hopelessness of our clutter makes me want to hit reset. I say, “Honey, can we just burn the whole thing down, collect the insurance, and start over?” (She doesn’t think it’s funny.) Continue reading

When is revolution appropriate?

I’ve been watching the news reports of the Occupy protests this past week wondering how much to criticize and how much to sympathize. In general, I sympathize with the feeling that our society is broken and we don’t know what to do but we want to do something. I’m not sure what blocking traffic accomplishes. If I wanted to be snotty, I could say that I’m part of the 90% who wants to get to work. Ten years ago, I would have been in the streets with my African drum, but these days I’ve generally bought into the assumption that the best way to change the world is through the much less dramatic and spectacular daily actions of millions of people loving God with all their heart and loving their neighbor as themselves. Continue reading