My first Pentecostal sermon: truth, wisdom, & knowledge in Samaria

Earlier this year, during Lent, I preached without a manuscript for the first time. My preparation process shifted to oral rehearsal after a lot of note-scribbling. This past weekend, after having a very rich but exhausting spirit-filled week, I preached for the first time without rehearsing in advance. I don’t want to say I didn’t prepare, because God gave me a lot of things to think and talk about that came out in my sermon, but the delivery was extemporaneous. I’m not sure whether this will happen every week, but it was a very interesting experience. Listen to the following link and tell me what you think. God bless!

Truth, wisdom, & knowledge in Samaria

More thoughts on God’s wrath

What exactly is God’s wrath? I raised the question in my last piece about misconceptions in popular penal substitution theology. Many evangelicals think God’s wrath is simply the anger God “feels” when people are disobedient to His rules. Based on what I’ve learned from scripture and the teachings of the ancient church, I think this is an oversimplification.

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