If I were to make a Christian hip-hop/electronica album…

Then my artist name would be εξουθενημενος and my album would be בן בלי שם (both of these words roughly translate to “The Nobody” because God refines my art by making people ignore it). I used to have a rock band seven years ago called the Junior Varsity Superheroes. I learned how to navigate the local rock scene and we did pretty well. Hip-hop is very much a second language to me; I learned how to rap because I was a youth pastor. I have little interest in mainstream hip-hop. I’m more interested in pursuing what it was originally: a genre geared to social critique (KRS-1, Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, etc). The 16 tracks I have shared below may appeal to the micro-constituency of people who are trying to recover from the phenomenon known as evangelical Christianity.

Our Father
Jesus Come Back
Jesus Is My Candidate
Jesus Save the World from Me
Kayal Ta-arog (Psalm 42)
The Script
Isaiah 6
The Lord Is My Shepherd
Star Spangled Banner
This Is My Father’s World
1 John