Published Works

Ministry Matters

8/15/2011: Learning to Love God’s Judgment
I argue that God’s judgment is not something to be feared but something to be embraced. The cross gives us the ability to embrace it.

10/13/2011: Whose Side Does Jesus Take?
Jesus took sides according to the principle of opposing the proud but giving grace to the humble.

10/24/2011: Occupy the Kingdom of God
Adapted from a sermon I preached on how need to live under the kingdom paradigm as God’s people.


9/6/2011: Man, Woman, and Original Sin: A Response to Al Mohler
An allegorical reading of Adam and Eve that seems a much more helpful account of original sin than the literalist reading.

Pangea Blog

8/5/2011: Fatherhood, Faith, and Gender Stereotypes
Thinking about the movie Tree of Life and what it has to say about the terror of postmodern fatherhood.

Red Letter Christians

7/17/2011: Isaiah 2 and the Two Sides of God’s Judgment
Isaiah 2 gives a helpful illustration of God’s judgment in a time where there’s a lot of confusion about it.

8/1/2011: Ayn Rand is the New Jesus: Dave Ramsey’s Gospel of Self-Reliance
Dave Ramsey’s financial teachings are great for getting people out of debt but he goes too far when he starts propagandizing about the virtue of self-reliance.

8/7/2011: Do Christians believe in democracy?
Our understanding of what the cross is supposed to do for us as Christians profoundly shapes what kind of citizens we are and our vision for the democratic process.

8/27/2011: We are all illegal
We are illegal aliens in the kingdom of God, granted admission only by the amnesty of Christ’s blood. This realization should shape how we treat other people, including undocumented immigrants in this country.

9/21/2011: The church of outrage vs. the church of vulnerability
Some people see the cross as primarily a display of the wrath of God; others see it expressing the vulnerability of God.

9/26/2011: Creating a Culture of Life Against Ideology and Capital
If we are serious about creating a culture of life, we have to confront the forces in our world that create a culture of death.

10/18/2011: “If you’re not rich blame yourself” (Herman Cain vs. John Wesley)
A comparison between the divine providence of a conservative 18th century Anglican and the individual responsibility of a contemporary libertarian.

11/3/2011: I want to be in the 1% who get God’s grace
A response to all the pro and anti-99% posters that are circulating the Internet in response to Occupy Wall Street.


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