Would you refuse to negotiate if…?

donkeyselephants-300x300Whatever your opinion about whose fault it is, our government has gotten beyond ridiculous. Many people from my church are out of work because of the government shutdown. So I thought for the sake of some absurdist comic relief, I would start a game of “Would you refuse to negotiate if…?” The way you play the game is to think of the most ridiculous expectations that neighbors, husbands, wives, or kids could have for someone else to “negotiate” with them. Please add your own in the comment section.

1) Would you refuse to negotiate if your neighbor set up a tollbooth in your cul-de-sac and offered to give you a special discount for the right to drive on your street?

2) Would you refuse to negotiate if your husband said he would be willing to buy a new set of dishes from IKEA every day instead of washing the dirty ones in the sink at night?

3) Would you refuse to negotiate if your neighbor’s teenage son went door to door handing out free earplugs in preparation for the big party?

4) Would you refuse to negotiate if your daughter told you she would wear either her cleats or her shinguards to soccer practice but not both?

5) Would you refuse to negotiate if the garbage collectors instated a new policy that all garbage must be sealed in ziplock bags before putting it into the can?

6) Would you refuse to negotiate if your child’s school informed you that only children who sold at least 2000 candy bars would be allowed to learn math or science?

7) Would you refuse to negotiate if your dentist told you it would be a whole lot easier just to pull out all your teeth and start over with some fresh implants?

5 thoughts on “Would you refuse to negotiate if…?

  1. If only this mess in DC was that simple! It isn’t a well-intended, “what if” game to those of us without a paycheck, contract, or ability to provide for our families or pay our bills. NOBODY in America (or world-wide) will escape unscathed for this embarrassing tantrum. No one on either side of the isle should get a free pass!
    The Govt. has not been held accountable for irresponsible leadership for decades. Americans haven’t voted responsibly and fiscally for even longer than that. Enough blame to go around and around a million times. Neither side wants to negotiate, or will budge an inch until they personally feel the pain their actions cause others. NO JOKE, there, and this only serves to remind us all of the petulant children we currently have in Washington.

    • I’ve been praying that every fruit would be made plain and that there would be real consequences for the dirty games that are being played.

      • What are you complaining about?
        Gov.. workers just got free paid vacation.
        The bill passed to pay the workers and that is really the stupidity of the entire shutdown.
        Furlough with pay (which does not even fit the meaning of the word)
        That is one more reason why the Gov. is going to go broke.

          • When the private sector is furloughed they are not at fault it is simply economics.
            Assuming they worked hard and acted as good agents for the employer private sector employees are not to blame. Furloughed workers in the private sector really do not get paid. That is why it is called a furlough.
            In corporations large and small an employee may be given the option of taking vacation due or tap into unused sick time to compensate for the monetary loss. During layoffs Unemployment Compensation is available which has traditionally been paid by the employer (the Feds did kick in some cash after the economy depressed a few years ago)
            For those that do not know, all companies pay matching Social Security and Medicare tax to employ you. Larger Corporations have, up until Obamacare, mostly paid some of the cost of medical insurance. That is about to change in many corporations. Employers usually cover the cost associated with retirement plans. Many offer reimbursement for college expenses for employees.

            Federal workers
            The avg. pay for civilian federal workers $81,704 (link provided).
            Take a look at the compensation packages and remember who pays their salaries.
            They should be able to put a few dollars aside for rainy days with the elevated salaries.

            Other questions…Who pays when no one can pay because there is no cash, borrowed time and borrowed money
            Who is always the first to feel the pain when the economy drops, corporations shut down and jobs are no more?
            Where is the middle working class?
            What effect will higher mandatory taxes have on charity and church giving?

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