Please support my new blog facebook page!

You guys have been amazing in your support of this blog! I never imagined that I would be listed as #6 on a ranking of top 25 Christian blogs when there are dozens of Christian blogs who have much larger daily readerships than mine. I didn’t deserve that honor. It’s a reflection of the dedication of my core readership. Anyhow, I’ve just set up a facebook page for this blog to consolidate my facebook sharing in one place. I was nervous about doing it, since having only a few “likes” exposes how small your readership is. So if you’re on facebook and you’re willing to click “like” on that page, I appreciate it. The only reason I engage in this silliness is because I want to pitch a manuscript to publishers as soon as I can show I have a big enough platform (they give you forms where you fill in things like “number of likes on your facebook page”). I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m so grateful for how gracious you’ve been in your support.


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