Vote for my blog please!!!

blog nomination

I imagine that I’ll draw some more trolls who are “concerned” about my lust for fame and glory with this post, but don’t waste your time because I’m moderating my comments now. As some of you know, I got nominated for a top 25 Christian blog list. Because of my amazing readers and friends, I’m currently doing way better than I should be (#11 out of 300+ in the mix), but the big-dog bloggers have fired up their reader bases and are starting to leapfrog me. Whether you believe this or not, I don’t need praise or glory. God has actually used this blog to minister to people, and so part of my faithfulness to the work God is using this blog to do involves tactics like this that build my readership. So if you like what’s here and you haven’t voted, click the link above to do that. You can log in through facebook or twitter or you create a listly profile if you don’t do social media (just use a junk email address, Mom!!!).

2 thoughts on “Vote for my blog please!!!

  1. Voted! My husband and I love your blog! 😉 Many great discussions in this household from your posts and the stuff you say in the comments. We’re pulling for you, friend!

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