Israeli youth picks prison over occupation

I just came across this video from Nathan Blanc, a 19 year old Israeli who has refused the mandatory time of service in the Israeli military because of his objection to the occupation of Palestine. Israeli law does not allow for conscientious objectors so they are sent to prison if they refuse to serve. Hear what he has to say and judge for yourself, and then check out this link to an article about other Israeli youth who are picking prison over occupation.


7 thoughts on “Israeli youth picks prison over occupation

  1. So what’s the big deal about democracy? I’m not so sure it has been all that helpful in every area here in America. The nation of Israel certainly has a dilemma there today, but then what has changed. It was no democracy that founded the nation of Israel several thousands of years ago when God ordered the annihilation of those nations who were the prior residents. Am I suggesting the same strategy for today? Of course not. But to hang the solution on democracy is simply naïve and short sighted. The conflict in the Middle East between Semite brothers is in fact an ongoing fulfillment of God’s own prophetic words about the struggle between Isaac and Ishmael. There are legitimate complaints on both sides and the offenses are generational in nature. I have lots of compassion for this young conscientious objector. I also have equal sympathy for the Israeli soldiers who daily face an enemy who has been raised from elementary school with the sole objective to wipe all Jews off the face of the map. If you don’t believe that to be the case feel free to read numerous books of testimony such as “Once and Arafat Man”. I also have significant compassion for the injustice that these young men have known nothing else but hate for the Jews from the earliest formative years. How do you break that “ball and chain” of indoctrination? The facts are that there are a significant number of Israeli Arabs & Druses who have citizenship and vote. If all the Arabs in the “territories” were given voting rights the state of Israel would cease to exist the next day as the Jews would be in the minority. The real truth is that we should all be obeying scripture and praying for the peace of Jerusalem (including all the inhabitants) and looking for the day when Christ’s justice will triumph in a land that has almost never known mercy. – This from someone who has lived and worked there – among Arabs, Jews and Christians.

    • I just think this kid’s got a powerful witness. When people do things like that, it changes what other people think is possible. When Palestinians hear of him doing that, it changes how they perceive Israelis. I absolutely pray for the peace of Jerusalem. What would be beautiful is if one day the temple were rebuilt by all of Abraham’s children in order to welcome the return of the world’s messiah.

      • It may be powerful, but to what believable end. I think it is naive to think that after 3 or 4 millennium of significant events of war with various efforts and exchanges for peace that somehow this small (albeit brave) voice would all of a sudden be the magic pill. No less naïve that if there were a handful of moderate peace loving Palestinians doing similar protest in Gaza. The only reason apartheid has had the success it has had is because of the initiation of equality which was born out of the Christian churches S. Africa. There will be no shortcut to peace in the Middle East outside of Christ.

        • So then we must bear witness in the way that Christ did rather than say we can’t do that until they all become Christian.

  2. I’ve met many Israelis who are against the occupation, but, as this video attests, service is institutionalized. Many experience extreme trauma from serving in the military, against their conscience.

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