Please pray for my buddy Vincent!


Vincent Alexander was like any other kindergartener at Orange Grove Elementary School a month ago. Then something funny started to happen with his eye so he went to the doctor. They did a CT Scan just to rule out the really rare possibilities like AT/RT ((atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor), which is what it was.

Vincent had a mass removed from his brain. He is currently in the first of six weeks of intensive chemotherapy, after which they will decide whether or not to continue treatment. If the chemotherapy is doing enough to be worth it, then he will go into an even more intensive radiation and chemotherapy regimen five days a week.

I was a chaplain at the Durham VA hospital in the summer of 2009 on the chemotherapy ward. When I prayed with the patients, I never knew exactly what to say. I always asked for healing, but there was always this sense that I wanted to frame my language in such a way that it wouldn’t cause them a crisis of faith if nothing happened.

Somehow with Vincent, I feel God telling me to pray for what is medically impossible to happen as a witness that God is not just an imaginary conversation partner we have created for the sake of our psychological comfort, but the real living sovereign creator of the universe who made every cell in our body and has the power to violate all the laws of science if He chooses. Vincent faces a tremendously uphill battle. Even if he beats all the odds, the treatments will take a toll on his development. I don’t want him to have to do radiation and chemo after the six weeks are up. I want him to be healed. Period.

That’s why I am unashamed to ask God for a CT Scan after six weeks of chemo that doesn’t make any medical sense which looks as though there were never cancer in Vincent’s central nervous system. Please pray with me and tell me that you’re doing it.


30 thoughts on “Please pray for my buddy Vincent!

  1. Came back to say: what a powerful post.

    Several Christmases ago, there was something wrong with one eye of my eldest son, Alexander. I didn’t see it, but my artist-eye wife insisted that one eye was bulging a bit. He was in pain and spent a while on the couch with a towel over his eyes to block out the light. I took him to the ER that night and they said he was fine and sent us home. He was in agony that night, so I took him back to the ER early the next morning. This time, the admitting physician took one look at him and flipped out. They did a CT scan and found that it was not AT/RT (– there but by the grace of God… –) but rather that he had a sinus infection in his ocular cavity so severe that the pressure was limiting the blood flow to his eye and, they said, he might lose it entirely; best case he would lose some vision out of it. They sent him by ambulance up to Inova Fair Oaks, up by you, Morgan, because it had better child surgeons.

    I think we were in the hospital for about a week. Thankfully, the infection responded to aggressive meds and shrunk. His only time in surgery was when they installed a PIC line into his chest to deliver more meds. Alexander kept his eye, and lost no vision. A local church showed up on Christmas morning with wrapped presents for all of the kids in the children’s ward, which was so great. It was a hard Christmas, but full of miracles and mercies.

    I’m really rooting for Vincent Alexander. And by “rooting” I mean tearing up at work praying.

    God has the power. Miracles happen daily. Your will be done, Lord, but if we could dare express a preferred outcome, please, please heal him. St. Raphael, patron saint of healing and of eyesight, pray with us. Blessed Mother Maria Theresia, who interceded for four year old Luke Burgie and won him medically impossible healing, pray for us. In the Lord’s name, amen.

    • Thank you for bolstering my faith. Maybe I should ask our brother Oscar Romero to pray for Vincent. Of course I don’t understand the canonization process and don’t want to be flippant about it.

      • No harm in it! Those we are sure are in Heaven are, we trust, more than happy to be part of our spiritual prayer chain. We pray “to” them not in worship, but because they are our brothers and sisters in Christ who pray with us, just as our earthly brethren do.

  2. Just found this post. Very concerned. Have no knowledge of this sort of cancer. Do have very personal experience with other types of cancer. Will join in prayer for God’s grace and healing for Vincent and his family.

  3. I will pray, and I will forward this blog to my churches prayer web, the lady who does it is much better at remembering to pray for particular individuals than I am!

  4. Absolutely, we will pray for him. Make sure to share this post, with it’s many responders, with Vincent and his family. This is what it means to be the church! We pray for each other, weep with each other and rejoice together.

  5. Absolutely praying for a miraculous healing!

    Father, hear our prayer for the safe and successful treatment of this young man. Restore him to full health in body, soul, and spirit. Give grace, wisdom, skill, knowledge, and compassion to his caregivers and grace, peace, faith, and strength to all who love him. Mother Mary and St. Luke, pray for them. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  6. I will join with you in prayer. I share your apprehension in asking for headings too; however, when you feel God leading you to pray a particular way, I agree, we should. Therefore, based upon God’s word to you, I too ask for complete healing for this dear little guy!

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