Get out of the boat! (Be bold like Peter)

This weekend we continued Burke UMC’s Rewrite series on how God rewrites the lives of people in the Bible and today. Our character for the weekend was Peter. I talked about how Jesus picked Peter to be His right-hand man because he was a bold fisherman. But Peter had to learn like every alpha male that the boldest thing we can do is to own our weakness. He couldn’t follow Jesus to the cross, but because he was humbled, God made him exactly who he needed to be to lead the early church with a power that came from beyond himself.


2 thoughts on “Get out of the boat! (Be bold like Peter)

  1. I often wondered why Jesus chose so many fishermen as disciples. And then, being an avid fisherman myself, I thought, what better example of faith than the willingness to toss a net into the water, without seeing what you are going for, acting on faith alone, that God will provide?

    Fisher-people are the ultimate symbol of people of faith. They act because the believe, not because they can see what they are after. Carpenters see their wood. Farmers watch their seeds sprout. Traders sell what is on their table. Fishermen rely on faith to make their living. Jesus knew what he was doing. Just a thought.

    • That’s such a great insight. I’ll have to write my blog before I preach next time so that I can incorporate comments like these into my sermon.

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