Mr. Saturday Night Special

One of my favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd songs is “Mr. Saturday Night Special.” The US Senate’s decision to disregard the will of 92% of the US population today regarding mandatory background checks for gun sales makes it apropos to share the lyrics on my blog. I used to blast Lynyrd Skynyrd on my car stereo in tenth grade when I wore cowboy boots and a Texas Ranger belt buckle to school every day. It used to be okay for wannabe redneck teenage kids to listen to Southern rock songs that weren’t in line with the ideological orthodoxy of the NRA. That was before the crazies took over.

Mr. Saturday Night Special


Two feets they come a creepin’
Like a black cat do
And two bodies are layin’ naked
Creeper think he got nothin’ to lose
So he creeps into this house, yeah
And unlocks the door
And as a man’s reaching for his trousers
Shoots him full of .38 holes

Mr.Saturday night special
Got a barrel that’s blue and cold
Ain’t no good for nothin’
But put a man six feet in a hole

Big Jim’s been drinkin’ whiskey
And playing poker on a losin’ night
And pretty soon, Big Jim starts a thinkin’
Somebody been cheatin’ and lyin’
So Big Jim commences to fightin’
I wouldn’t tell you no lie
And Big Jim done pull his pistol
Shot his friend right between the eyes


Oooh Saturday night special…
For twenty dollars you can buy yourself one too…

Oooh let me tell you all about it…

Well hand guns are made for killin’
They ain’t no good for nothin’ else
And if you like to drink your whiskey
You might even shoot yourself
So why don’t we dump ’em people
To the bottom of the sea
Before some ole fool come around here
Wanna shoot either you or me


Ooooh it’s a Saturday night special
And I’d like to tell you what you can do with it too…


4 thoughts on “Mr. Saturday Night Special

  1. There are different ways of looking at it.

    A “Saturday night special” is often purchased by working class persons in order to protect themselves and their families, as is their right. Or would you prefer only the rich and well-connected own guns?

    Another perspective…
    “That rifle hanging on the wall of the working-class flat or labourers’ cottage is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.”
    -George Orwell

    Personally, I would not care to live in a society where only the agents of the government and the rich owned weapons.
    That’s called an oligarchy.

    And since you treated us to Skynyrd’s music, let me reciprocate with this, from the Clash, which many Southern youth at the time found much more relevant to our own lives…

    When they kick out your front door
    How you gonna come?
    With your hands on your head
    Or on the trigger of your gun

    When the law break in
    How you gonna go?
    Shot down on the pavement
    Or waiting in death row

    You can crush us
    You can bruise us
    But you’ll have to answer to
    Oh, Guns of Brixton

    The money feels good
    And your life you like it well
    But surely your time will come
    As in heaven, as in hell

    You see, he feels like Ivan
    BORN under the Brixton sun
    His game is called survivin’
    At the end of the harder they come

    You know it means no mercy
    They caught him with a gun
    No need for the Black Maria
    Goodbye to the Brixton sun

    You can crush us
    You can bruise us
    But you’ll have to answer to
    Oh-the guns of Brixton

    • Fair enough. Just realize you’re writing to a youth pastor who has lost three kids to handguns: one dead, one in jail, and one ruined for life by the fact that he accidentally killed his sister.

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