Holiday post-partum (two trance songs without words)

I’m in a holiday post-partum kind of mood. I made two trance songs about it that don’t have any words. Some of it has to do with the holidays passing too quickly; some of it has to do with feeling generally lost and discouraged with regard to my writing. Making trance music is a lot like blogging about esoteric theological topics. You spend hours and hours honing your craft to produce something that very few people will ever listen to. Professional trance music is filled with intricacies and subtleties that I don’t have the attention span or stamina to put into my songs. That’s why nothing will ever come of them. So here are my holiday post-partum trance songs. I would like to do a voice-over reading a psalm or something, but nothing comes to mind. If you happen to listen, I would be grateful for any suggestions you have.

Holiday post-partum 1

Holiday post-partum 2


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