People who fear God don’t make t-shirts like this

violence in schools t-shirtWhoever made this t-shirt doesn’t fear God. Why? Because it blasphemes God’s name when we use tragedies opportunistically to build political power for ourselves and pretend that we’re doing it in defense of God. Until Christians stop taking their cues from the diaboloi of the outrage industrial complex, then we will look like just another ambulance-chasing special interest tribe focused on getting in our talking points. We are supposed to be the people who offer hope and peace, especially in this season when we remember how the lion of Judah came to the world as Mary’s little lamb. Instead we are know for our angry rants over the greeting we receive from the check-out clerk at the department store. The reason that “holiday” became a secular word is because Christmas stopped being a holy-day when it started getting celebrated in department stores; we should not dare to call our shopping the mass of Christ. People are hurt and scared over what happened in Connecticut; God came to Earth 2000 years ago to do something about that. Now is not the time for talking points. Now is not the time for exalting ourselves and our causes. It is a time to hate sin, starting with our own. And if we really hate our own sin, then our vigilance against our own pride should keep us from hopping up on the soapbox to showcase our piety by condemning others. God gave us a big brother to make His dwelling among us so that we would no longer be children of wrath. If we really wish to honor our annually newborn king, then we must make our hearts into a manger for those around us who are seeking some place of refuge and mercy.

One thought on “People who fear God don’t make t-shirts like this

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