Jesus come back (’cause we’ve gotten off track)

This is Advent translated into hip-hop for Christians who are able to admit that we don’t always do a good job of taking up our cross to follow Jesus and want to try again to serve our king by marching for His kingdom. Lyrics are below.

Jesus Come Back (‘Cause We’ve Gotten Off Track)

Verse 1:
We say that you are with us
But we’re not really with you
You gave your life to win our trust
And we still persecute you
We claim your name for our game
We want the world to be the same as us
We raise a fuss; we’re not ashamed to say that we’re oppressed
Then put the caps lock down and get the fury off our chest
Get in competition over who can sing your praises best
Validate our privilege saying you’re the one who made us blessed
We take such pride in all the sins we’re eager to confess.
We tell ourselves that our success has happened as you planned
Then fail so many tests to show the mercy you demand
You told us what we need to do to wipe your blood from our hands
We’d rather just believe in you than follow your commands.

Verse 2:
Jesus come back; ‘cause we lack your heart
We got our eyes so fixed on the attendance chart
And the clock allotting one hour from the time the piano starts
We sing, “How great thou art.”
And the tears just start to fall
Sure would like to give our lives back to your call
Then our vision stalls,
the list of what the world requires is way too tall
And we’re too small to push the stone from our tomb.
We’d rather leave our lives behind in a stained glass room
Than take our crosses up to march on the gloom
Don’t want to see doomsday or seven trumpets play
Teach us how to pray; show us what to do and say.

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