Help me pick a subtitle for my book

I’ve been experimenting with different subtitles for my book Mercy not Sacrificeand I’m very interested in your opinion. I think I’ve narrowed the focus to critiquing and offering suggested alternatives for the “getting saved” phenomenon that predominates evangelicalism. So my audience is going to primarily be “Blue like Jazz” type evangelicals. But I’d love to package it in such a way so that mainliners or non-believers could get something out of it. I realize the subtitle isn’t that big a deal but I’m going to keep on mulling it over until I pick one so help me by choosing one of the following or proposing your own.

1) Getting saved / Salvation from “getting saved”
2) Salvation for recovering evangelicals
3) How Jesus is saving you/America from us/His people
4) “Getting saved” reconsidered
5) A deeper salvation
6) The Mystery of Salvation
7) What salvation could be
8) What did Jesus save us from?


11 thoughts on “Help me pick a subtitle for my book

  1. Hi there Morgan
    I’d opt for No5, “A deeper salvation…..”
    it’s a milder and less provocative option……despite me liking the other more edgy ones! 😉
    Let the full challenge be found inside the book covers and no turn away others on the front cover!

  2. Saved from what? Saved for what?

    I once told my pastor/dad, “If getting saved means being like us (Christians) who would want to? Saved from lazy Sabbath Sundays to dats of marathon performance, saved from family time to running ragged with church business all week, filling your life with people who evaluate and judge your every move. I can’t take it and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody else.” He ageed. 😉

    I used to wonder why my Dad didn’t give the “altar call” every week and constantly press for decisions. Later I understood that he realized people came to God in different ways and different times… it’s a journey. Pressing for a specific ritual can actually stunt spiritual growth because people can think they’ve “arrived”or get discouraged because they haven’t. The longer I live, the wiser my Daddy is.

  3. Its all about marketing!? For searchers and also non-believers, “What salvation COULD be” or something to that effect , might be a hook and promise to those who really need to hear your message. “Salvation for Recovering Evangelicals” addresses yet another audience– those who “know and preach/teach”, but need an alternative view. Praying for divine revelation, that you’ll pick the most provocative and enticing title for your target group, Morgan!

    • Thanks for your prayers. It’s a tight rope, being provocative enough but not snarky, prophetic and also pastoral. Letting my human side come through without letting it be a distraction. Certain people are going to write me off if they don’t like what I say no matter what. I think there’s an art to saying things in a way that people don’t take it as a personal dig on them but are duly challenged by it. And then there’s the flip side of showing solidarity to sensitive genuine people who have been spiritually abused and have left the church. It’s going to have to be His inspiration and purpose that shepherds it because I can’t get my head around it by myself. But He’s been throwing manna so I just pick it up and eat it when I find it. I got salvation because we talked about Zacchaeus in our Bible study and Jesus said “Salvation has come to this house” and it made me think how we assume we know everything about salvation but its a lot more mysterious than we let it be.

  4. I really like number 4, somewhat like number 1, and really like Dave’s idea. I’ve done a couple of these polls and by the time the book is published I forget what I picked, haha. Is there a rough publication date?

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