Five kids that God cares about

Below are pictures of five kids that God cares about.

1) Ahmed Younis Kadher, age 13, killed by Israeli snipers while playing soccer in front of house, the incident which provoked the latest round of rocket attacks.

2) Omar Misharawi, 10 months old, killed when an Israeli missile destroyed his house.

3) Ranan Arafah, age 4, killed by an airstrike in Gaza City on Thursday

4) Walid Abadleh, age 2, killed by an Israeli missile

5) Ghasan Mughrabi, age 7, later died of injuries sustained in another Israeli airstrike

There’s one basic difference between the rockets that Gazan militants launch against Israel and the missiles that Israeli drones fire at Gaza. We pay for the Israeli missiles with our tax dollars. I’m not saying we should take one side or the other. I’m saying we should stop giving money to either side until they make peace. Unfortunately, Obama is not willing to hold Netanyahu accountable for the $3 billion he gets from the US every year. The US Senate just passed a unanimous resolution expressing support for Israel’s airstrikes without any mention of the civilian casualties. God sees everything and He will hold us accountable for the blood of Abel that cries up to Him from the ground. מלך משפט יהוה

5 thoughts on “Five kids that God cares about

  1. Morgan,

    Christians like yourself are a dime a dozen, and I sympathize with you greatly. I am truly “filled with wrath” when I see images like this, and then listening to my fellow Christians pontificate the necessity of supporting Israel fills me with even more wrath. What would you say to Christians who are pro-Israel, and what advice would you give me, someone who doesn’t support any agenda other than to see the Kingdom of God come to fruition in a non-violent way?


    • Stay as close to the Bible as you can in refuting the supposedly “pro-Israel” Christians. They’re not pro-Israel in the sense that any of the Biblical Israel’s prophets or historians ever were. They’re “pro” in the cheap superficial sense that a hockey fan supports their team and throws beer at the refs. Look at item six in my next post: Six things I can say about Gaza. That’s a place to start.

  2. Please disregard the comments above, and remove them if possible. I did exactly what i asked you not to do—respond emotiionally to a pictorial account of the events as they unfold, as the pictures speak louder than our words of caution and clarification. News reported through media mean something different to each audience it reaches. I was urged to speak on behalf by those currently on the ground, which is not an excuse for MY failure to provide an acceptable witness to YOU. Please accept my sincere heartfelt and humble apology.
    Moments after posting, I received a prayer request from a nun in Jerusalem, saying the sirens were going off and talk about an impending strike to the Holy City was feared. I understand words to the same effect are being suggested by local news/tv outlets. My heart is greatly saddened but holds no fear …God is in control.

    • Don’t apologize. I was and still am very conflicted about what I posted and the tone that I created by titling it “The most dangerous terrorists in Gaza.” I am wrestling with God over whether I should just remove this post from my blog. The only reason that I haven’t yet is I’m not sure whether or not it serves a legitimate prophetic purpose and it’s just my middle-class sense of propriety that is telling me to get rid of it. I fasted and prayed all day on Thursday when things started getting ugly over there. It’s also the case that I was angry and sleep-deprived and impulsive when I put this post up. I think I’m going to leave it up and change the title which is perhaps a lame compromise but something about my sarcasm really bothers me.

  3. While I certainly mirror your frustration and anger, I feel exactly the same toward the carnage not receiving pictorial coverage. I humbly suggest your tone and presentation of your blog is inciteful, Morgan, at least to me, and those with whom i share your words with. I do not believe that is your message, but I speak for those of us who mourn yet another missed opportunity to witness anything but anger and the result of retaliation. It matters less (to rational minds) if you take sides between the waring factions, or rail against the US (and/or any foreign govt. involved feeding this war), the result is clearly the same—the blessed souls above are casulties of war, of sin, not terrorists, and you know that. I have held the hands and wept with families after such unbelievable attacks, so please, understand why I feel I must must respond when asked by those depicted to respond.
    The account of these horrific tragedies (and the ignorant responses from college students) are from social networks and news resources…I have heard first hand from several beloved Palestinian and Israeli friends that they are being rocketed/targeted alike by Hamas in Tel Aviv with substantial loss of life and mutilation on both sides. It is long recognized that only with financial help outside of Israel could Hamas develop such long-range missiles. Friends in Gaza feel helpless and hopeless, while those in West Jerusalem are frustrated and angered by western ire and threats of pulling support of any kind. It is impossible and totally irresponsible to equate the blame for the atrocities, despite appearances and what “news” is deemed worthy to report or record. Please do not misunderstand me. Equal pictorial accounts are not the answer–two wrongs do not make a right.
    I will not debate accountability on any level, as judgement is not mine to make or my ministry to highlight. I know, without doubt, this is not your intent either. I have lived and worked in the region, and such images hold strong but different messages to each side. My broken heart has no room to point fingers or imply loyalty except for those beloved friends for whom this war is simply a way of life. I also know, without doubt, that God is indeed there, working through and with the bad people that make false claims, even despite involvement of other governments hiding ulterior motives to use the peoples of the Middle East for other gain. Ultimate judgment is not ours to make.
    I think I do understand what you are trying to say, but correct me please if I am wrong. NO American tax dollars should be proping up any war machine anywhere. Frankly, we must not be naive. Even if accountability is required by Congress, it always, always, always comes with a plausible denialibility clause. Enough said.
    Bottom line, as shepards, pastors and laity, we are held to a higher court, and are literally compelled to speak out whenever necessary. You are doing that. We must continue to pray for discernment and show sensitivity (despite our personal feelings) whenever God provides such clarity. Our ability to witness God’s Grace, Forgiveness and Healing may eventially be the only effective voice of reason. I believe this, and so do my Palestinian and Israeli friends.

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