Three images about Gaza that speak for themselves

My heart is sick at what is happening in Gaza right now. I can’t think clearly enough to write with the sensitivity that I want to have in saying anything about that conflict so I’m going to minimize what I say for now, but I need you to see three things so you can understand why I’m fasting today and hopefully have your eyes opened to a tremendous blasphemy that is being done to the name of God and His desire for peace, mercy, and justice to reign over the Earth.

A video about the twelve year old Gazan boy who was killed by Israeli snipers while he was playing soccer in front of his home, triggering the latest conflict:

A Gazan girl who was critically wounded by an Israeli missile:

The American fratboys who think it’s funny:


16 thoughts on “Three images about Gaza that speak for themselves

  1. Israel has imposed a shipping embargo on Gaza to prevent missiles from being imported. Israel does allow food and medicine so Israel no doubt wants to make sure the imports are consistent with the population needs. The referenced article is somewhat out of date.

    • “Israel does allow food and medicine so Israel no doubt wants to make sure the imports are consistent with the population needs.” Wow, you have to really be a true believer or AIPAC spin-doctor to make a statement like that. Please do some research on what’s allowed in and what isn’t. It’s not missiles, which Israel allows to enter through the smuggling tunnels to a point before they bomb them. The siege is collective punishment, plain and simple. When you have a group of people under siege, you haven’t disengaged from them. I’ll let you have the last word. Peace be with you.

  2. I truly hope that this doesn’t spiral into a wider Middle East conflict, and also that we don’t get drawn into it…although per the discussion thread above, we are really a part of it already.

  3. Israel does not own the Gaza strip and cannot give it away. The residents of Gaza would no doubt object to that anyway. Israel relinquished all political control, dismantled their settlements and were out of there in 2005. Egypt did control Gaza between 1949 and 1967 and showed no interest in annexing Gaza as part of Egypt. When Hamas took over Gaza things went downhill. Hamas seeks the destruction of Israel. Since Israel will not treat with an entity that does not recognize their right to exist the current situation will remain as it is.

    • “Relinquished all political control.” Really? So surrounding a group of people with a barbed wire fence and towers that you shoot at them from and controlling their external borders with Egypt is relinquishing all political control? You’re entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts.

      • You might want to do a geography check. Israel has nothing to do with the border between Egypt and Gaza. Israel is well withing its rights to build a border fence just as we have done with Mexico.

  4. Do you have evidence that this young boy was killed by an Israeli sniper? That is, saying it’s a sniper automatically makes the assumption that the boy was targeted. It seems more likely the boy was killed by an errant bullet. Still awful, and Israel is still complicit, but a different issue nonetheless. I fear saying this was an Israeli sniper feeds into the “they are so evil” rhetoric and misses the essential point that everyone in this conflict thinks they are trying to defend the innocent lives of their own people. Until that is addressed, no progress can ever be made. The Israelis and the Palestinians both must be able to feel safe in their homes and streets.

  5. I believe Israel makes most of its small arms and ammo. Israel has a very robust weapons industry manufacturing high quality arms. We are not paying for their bullets. Their arms exports make enough for that. You may be referring to the 2 to 3 billion in defense funds we provide Israel. These dollars are tied to the Camp David accords and the Wye River agreement and are wrapped up in treaty obligations. Many of these dollars actually come back to this country in the form of high end weapons procurements from American defense contractors. The accountability comes from the Israeli people. If they do not like the way the conflct is going they can elect new leaders.
    And where do the Saudi’s get their money from? Oil. And who is buying their oil? You and I.

    • I absolutely agree that we should stop buying Middle East oil altogether. It’s also the case that we have direct levers of influence with Israel that we don’t have with Palestinians. Regardless of what Palestinians do, bulldozing their houses and building settlements creates endless conflict. It’s like cowboys and Indians in a much smaller space.

      • It would be difficult to pressure one side to stop shooting while the other continues. I do not see President Obama even attempting to do that.

        • I can see that but whenever this mess ends there needs to be a plan for Gaza other than starve them until they blow up again. I think Israel should give them back to Egypt probably.

    • Our tax dollars don’t pay for those rockets. The Saudis are the ones doing that. We pay for the bullets Israeli snipers use to shoot 12 year old boys playing soccer. If there were accountability, they wouldn’t be so trigger happy.

  6. When I was a journalist in Arizona around 2001-2003, and had access to the AP wire, I used to follow all the news stories coming out of the Gaza strip, many of which never made it into our paper (or many others). There were weekly and daily minor attacks and reprisals. Consistently, the ratio of Palestinians killed to Israelis killed was 4 to 1. That ratio seemed to continue to hold true during the past ten years. I honestly don’t care what America’s foreign policy is on this, or who’s right or wrong; what matters to me is that innocent people are dying, and not just in isolated incidents, but as a matter of routine. It’s just not right, and it hasn’t been right for a long time. Thanks for speaking out on this, Morgan.

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