This is my Father’s world (a rap for Emily)

I wrote a rap version of “This is my Father’s world” in 2009 for the kids in my youth group to perform in church. The song with its original lyrics seemed like a farce to sing in the hood because it talks about rustling grass and rocks and trees and so forth, not the world of concrete where my youth live. So I had to change the lyrics a little bit and put the music in a minor key. The first verse I tried to make into catechesis explaining Jesus’ incarnation, cross, and resurrection. Then I found out today that one of my youth got shot in the head and has failed the first of two brain scans to determine whether there’s any signal. I haven’t been able to do anything all day except add a second verse to my rap to say What are You doing, Father, it’s Your freaking world! I may try to share it at my church’s open mic tomorrow night if I can get through it, since last weekend I told the youth in my new church that I would rap about Jesus if enough of them came. Anyhow, this one’s for Emily. Please pray for her and her family. Audio recording: My Father’s World

This is my Father’s world

Walking on the street, it’s easy to forget
that God made all the ground underneath where we step
And the sky and the seas and the rocks and all the trees
That we fill with our waste and our trash and our disease
He’s our Father; that means we’re sisters and brothers,
But instead of being family, we’re all fighting each other
He sent down His Son so we’d have a big brother
To show us the way, how to love one another.
But Jesus got jumped; they put him on a cross;
They thought they were showing that they were the boss.
They didn’t expect He’d come back from the grave
And that’d be the way the whole world would get saved,
Yeah, our Father’s in heaven but He’s with us on earth;
We can say this is true ‘cause of Jesus’ birth.
And we know that God hurts every time that we cry;
We can trust in this ‘cause of how Jesus died.
And we know that we can start our lives all over again;
See Jesus is risen and He’s taking us with Him.
Satan may be the Lord of the air,
But open up your heart and God will be there.

This is my Father’s world; oh let me not forget
That though the wrong is strong, God is the ruler yet!

But Father, the evidence stacks up against you
Your people so often misrepresent you
There’s senseless tragedy, we cry out your name;
Father, don’t let us be put to shame
By the ones who say we’re playing a game
When we talk to the air ‘cause we’re feeling so scared.
How do I tell my friends that you’re there
When something has happened that’s cruel and unfair?
Sometimes it’s a crime to say anything;
Words of comfort are trite and obscene
Like trying to wash hands that can never be clean;
When others are bleeding, what do I tell them?
When I say it’s Your world, it’s an act of rebellion
Shake my fist at the sky in my rage as I’m yelling;
If I’m kicked when I’m down, then I’m squeezing You tighter;
Can’t leave till You bless me; I’m that kind of fighter.
Make it Your world ‘cause the bad guys are winning;
Reveal Your truth, smash the lies that they’re spinning.
Make it Your kingdom; our system is broken;
Too often we act like we think You were joking;
We quote You, not living the word that You’ve spoken.
Make us Your word to the ones that are choking back tears
And Your hands to hold gently the fears
Of the people who are cut by the enemy’s spears.
Your cross says to me that they’re all dear to You;
But my words alone fall flat and they can’t make it true.
So that’s why I need You to come back down from the sky,
And establish the world where your people never will die.

This is my Father’s world; oh let me not forget
That though the wrong is strong, God is the ruler yet!


2 thoughts on “This is my Father’s world (a rap for Emily)

  1. I am so, so sorry for this, Morgan – praying for her, for all of you who love her and that somehow, good can come from this horror. Beyond me how that’s possible, but I’ll pray for it anyhow.

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