Election Day Communion Appeal

This is an appeal from the Election Day Communion folks that I wanted to blast out to all my blog readers. Please help organize an Election Day Communion event at your church. This is a really important witness to the way that the church transcends partisanship.

Election Day Communion

Two months ago, when Election Day Communion debuted on the interwebs, we had no idea where this thing would go. We figured if we could get maybe 20 or 30 churches to join us, hey, that’d be pretty awesome.

We didn’t have a lot to work with… no budget, no organization backing us. Just an idea we really, really believe in.

Two months later, over 400 churches have said, “We believe in this, too. Count us in.”

Can I just say? We’re blown away.

To all of you who’ve embraced this idea, who’ve offered to hold a communion service with your church/school/group on Nov. 6, who’ve helped spread the word, who’ve encouraged us along the way…


No, really. You. Are. Amazing.

So here’s the thing. As good as 400 sounds, we like the sound of 500 even better.

Imagine 500 churches acting as one on Nov. 6, standing…

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