Everything I have belongs to You (a song)

This is the first song that I’ve written in two years. It’s basically about stewardship of our wealth and witness as well an attempt to cling to the beauty of Christ in spite of the ugliness of the body of Christ in America right now. I pushed too much with my voice so it’s nasally but I had to record it on the third run-through that I did because my sons had to go to bed. Chords and lyrics are below. And for those who think the word “hate” shouldn’t appear in a praise song, see Psalm 139:21-22, but don’t google it because then you’ll find a bunch of misappropriations of scripture that are the object of the hatred I describe in my song, which isn’t against a person but against the kind of disrespect for Jesus’ name that occurs when a psalm is proof-texted in order to make a case for actually hating people instead of “love the sinner and hate the sin” (which was what Gandhi said, not the Bible, etc). Amazing what some so-called Christians have become, isn’t it? The psalmist brings his hatred to God in order to have it healed and converted into love. I hate any dishonor shown to God and most of all that shown by His people because I love God and I love His people.


Verse F#m C#m D (Bm 1st 3 x, E last x)
Pre-Chorus Bm G E F# x 3, Bm D A E x 1
Chorus A E D

Verse 1:
I hate whatever disrespects your name;
I hate whatever brings your kingdom shame;
Help us repent and put our pride upon your cross;
Our richest idols we we will count for a loss.

You’re far more beautiful than we’ve made you out to be;
You said you’d blind the proud and help the blind to see;
Make us into a fragrance of your love
As you bring the new Jerusalem from the heavens up above.

Everything I have belongs to You;
You are the source of all the good I do;
I just want the world to know that your amazing love is true
So that all things would be made new.

Verse 2:
You choose the weak to shame the strong;
You choose the meek to right the wrong;
Your power is manifest in people who depend on You;
For those who know your mercy, there is only gratitude.



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