“The land is Mine” (the importance of Leviticus 25:23)

Last night, as I was looking at the passage about the year of jubilee in Leviticus, this amazing line in Leviticus 25:23 jumped out at me. It’s the justification God gives His people for redistributing all their property and freeing all their slaves every 50 years: The land is Mine, and you reside in My land as foreigners and strangers. I believe that this sentence is a paradigm for understanding the whole gospel and a potential foundation from which we should consider every social issue we face in our world. Continue reading


Considering Rick Warren’s Economic Principles

America’s most famous megachurch pastor Rick Warren has gotten backlash in the Prospect, Daily Kos, Huffington Post, and other places in response to an interview with ABC’s Jake Tapper where he shared his views on President Obama’s campaign for economic “fairness” in tax policy and how the government should help the poor. For what it’s worth, Warren gives 90% of his income away to charity and his church does a lot of ministries with the poor in their community. There’s no question that Warren is committed to helping the poor, though he disagrees with liberals as to who should help the poor and how. The question is whether Warren’s ideological presumptions square with reality and Biblical principles. Continue reading