What does pepper spray do?

I wrote a post for Provoketive magazine on the UC Davis pepper spray incident. I realize that we’re a very uniquely blessed country, because people in other countries like Syria get shot at with live bullets when they protest. What makes us who we are as America is our respect for political dissent. If we lose that, we lose our soul as a country. I don’t agree with everything that the kids at UC Davis were protesting, but they shouldn’t have been pepper-sprayed for sitting on the ground with their arms linked together. Here’s the link: http://provoketive.com/2011/11/23/what-does-pepper-spray-do/


2 thoughts on “What does pepper spray do?

  1. These students are not kids. They were not children incapable of understanding. They are grown adults capable of making their own decisions. They made their own decisions regarding protesting, etc. They had every reason to expect a rational response by the administration. The action taken demonstrated a failure of administrative leadership. The response of the police was beyond reasonable for the situation. Both the administration and the police acting under its direction should be held strictly accountable. That same precise standard of strict accountability should be extended all the way to the top of the administration. They should not be allowed to stand aside and declare themselves without equal culpability and blame while the police are sanctioned, etc.

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