Is Fatherhood Irrelevant? [My guest-blog on Pangea]

Last month, I watched the movie Tree of Life with some young adults from our church right before going on a trip with my family to Texas. We ended up coincidentally staying on a ranch 10 miles from Smithville, TX where the movie was filmed! So I went out with my sons to take this picture in front of the house that was used in the movie. Tree of Life is a story about three boys growing up in a 1950’s family in which the focus is on the tension between a father and his oldest son. It’s interspersed with a lot of pretentious filmography of jellyfish and volcanoes and other such nonsense, but the storyline was really moving to me as an eldest son who’s now the father of two boys. I wrote a reflection on the movie and my own experience being a father in postmodernity, which Kurt Willems has published on his Pangea blog. Please check it out!


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